On Fatness

People who hate fat people will never look at evidence complicating the relationship between fatness and health and understand that nobody is arguing that ‘fat is unequivocally, unquestionably healthy’.

Nobody is saying that.

What it means to say ‘fat can be healthy’ is that you have no way of knowing if a person is healthy or not based solely on their fatness; that ‘health’ will always be more complex and affected by more factors than weight alone; that a person’s health is not connected to their worth; that assumptions around weight and health directly lead to a situation that is unquestionably unhealthy for fat people; that fat can be healthy, there is just not a 1:1 correlation between fatness and unhealthiness; that hating yourself and your body isunequivocally unhealthy; that other people’s health is unknowable, even when they’re fat

They won’t understand this because they do not care about fat people’s health, they care about our weight, and ensuring that we know we are supposed to hate ourselves for it.