50 shades of So Not Over This

Powerful and personal piece on Fifty Shades of Grey.


TW: Abusive relationships, emotional/psychological abuse

When I was 13 I met twatface. Things happened. Eventually I took him to court, along with other victims and he was given a 6 year sentence for 4 counts of sexual assault, one count against each of us. All years ago. I’m over it.

And then 50 Shades of Grey came out and it was pretty depressing.

And then the film was made, due to be released on Valentines day, and I am furious. And so I started organising against it, planning to leaflet outside cinemas to outline the differences between Christian’s behaviour and an actually healthy relationship, to try to stop people being quite so enamoured with his abuse.

The internet was pretty sparse with resources we could just print and give out, so I’m making this leaflet myself, which means reading a lot into the details of how Christian is abusive, how Ana…

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